LeeLee AOW
Company Name
Nurturers Care Pty Ltd
Company Description
An educational consultancy and innovation resource company on the JOY, ART, SCIENCE, BENEFITS & NECESSITY of toilet training all children early (1 to 4, 5 months) or better still, from birth to all prenatal & postnatal Parents, Caregivers of young children, Nursery Schools & Preschool, Governments, Hospitals (Staff, doctors, nurses, pediatricians) , Childcare Organizations eg All childcare Training Institutions, Universities & Colleges (their lecturers & researchers on Childcare) & Publications of research articles, medical, parenting books & magazines & Childcare community organizations) & Waste management bodies
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Longgang in ShenZhen In GuangZhou
China +86 186 5016 9448. Australia +61 0468 338833
Products/Services Offered
Consultancy & educational training services ...to all Nation's Governmental Childcare organizations. Provision of toilet training live or online courses & effective resources manufactured, produced and sold or sourced as beneficial quality goods produced by other manufactures, for pre or postnatal parent's use. Other services or products requested by our customers as beneficial.
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Currently staying at Jixiang in ShenZhen
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China +86 186 5016 9448.