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LEVANA Group Pte Ltd
Health & Medical
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The LEVANA Group is a health focused establishment. We aim to influence people to lead a healthy lifestyle without the use of expensive supplements and unnecessary medication. We believe that health can be found in nature and nature can be used to benefit our health at a very reasonable price. One of the ways we can be healthy is to adopt a Tea Drinking lifestyle the LEVANA way. Tea can provide many miraculously health values. LEVANA’s vision is to help people to reduce the risk of contracting diseases by the use of tea, leading a balanced lifestyle and eventually becoming healthy and wealthy individuals.
Products/Services Offered
The sale of Organic Pu Er Tea from Yunnan, Organic Dragon Well Green Tea from Zhejiang and Organic Golden Chrysanthemum Flowers from Jiangxi
What is your Special Offer for other TRUSTRADE members?
All TRUSTRADE members receive free health and wealth training at our office in Shenzhen Bu Ji and they are entitled to a 18% off retail selling price
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