Matthew Milasius Joined June 5, 2017
Member: China
Member: Hong Kong & Macau
Company Name
InTouch Manufacturing Services
Manufacturing & Distribution
Company Description
Our focus as a company is simple: function as your “eyes and ears” in Asia-based factories and support you with product inspection, factory audit, lab testing and our expertise in controlling the quality of your overseas manufactured goods. When it comes to companies that provide QC services in Asia, we are a cut above the rest in our ability to offer highly personalized service, solutions that are specific to your products, and a level of integrity which our customers will attest is the highest in the industry. We work hand-in-hand with you and your factories and function as your own personal staff in Asia. Our team consists of both locals and westerners who live in Asia and speak local languages. As an employer we strive to offer our team members the very best working conditions, a growth-focused environment, and competitive compensation and benefits.
Products/Services Offered
Product inspections, factory audits, lab testing, container loading monitoring and more
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