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Online markets and more specifically digital assets such as cryptocurrencies continue to show promise for investors as they become more a part of everyday society and life. As you may imagine, there are many companies attempting to gain your focus, time and investment capital at this stage in order to provide you back with consistent profitable gains, and professional management of your active investment portfolio/exposure. As our first official ever blog post at TrustTrade, we wanted to bring you something special, something proven, something you can Trust and rely on and listen… we think we found it!

Welcome to the era of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning systems. Read on and see how we have uncovered a hidden gem of opportunity and reliability, a true custom regulated AI service provider that if connected to, will have the power to change your complete financial outlook – Sounds too good to be true? Well, read on and find out more as we continue on with this post.

Firstly, EndoTech is an NFA Member, FOREX Firm and Registered CTA. NFA ID: 0519285. This means they are licensed to provide assisted management within Forex, Crypto, Stocks and Futures. EndoTech provides consulting and active services for those with market risk… Regardless of the direction of certain market prices, responsible risk management should be an active part of any company which aims to provide automated algo trading, and assisted account management. The EndoTech founders have proven years of experience in hedging risk within multiple markets. They work with clients to identify, design and implement effective strategy which meets the clients’ specific needs and profile over the long term.

How does EndoTech hunt opportunities down for you? To capture opportunities, they use ΣTBot™ — a systematic, AI based technical analysis algorithm. It can connect to Stocks, Futures, Forex and Crypto markets to identify and act on potential opportunities. They might try to capture a high volatility for a period of time, or possibly a single move. Sometimes, they may focus on order execution inefficiencies or a period in a market of an arbitrage opportunity.

What’s the bottom line? They hunt automatically, 24/7. In real-time, so you don’t have to. The EndoTech team is not there to insult your intelligence by making bad promises, or offering gambling games as both would insult your intelligence.

With fully customizable levels of interaction and varied flexible costs of engagement, retail to institutional clients reading this blog should be aware that EndoTech is a source of profitable management available on demand, and should take notice as seats available are limited and doors will be closing soon for the next five year season run.

Interested to find out more? Click here to view our full feature page now to see the complete EndoTech TrustTrade review, where we explore the inner details of costs, subscription, connection and interaction available for you to enjoy and benefit from.

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