Shenyang is among the top ten largest cities in China and an important industrial center and transportation hub for Northeast China. It is also recognised as the largest political, economic, and cultural center in Northeast China.
As one of China’s primary industrial centers, Shenyang is home to some of the country’s leading firms in the aerospace, heavy machinery, defense, automotive, electronics, and software sectors.
In 2013, Shenyang also proudly hosted China’s 12th National Games.
With its favorable geographic location – close to Japan, Korea, Mongolia and Russia – Shenyang plays a key role as a gateway into the Northeast Asia Economic Region and the Bohai Sea Rim Economic Region. Moreover, Shenyang has seven neighbouring cities within an hour’s drive, namely Anshan, Fushun, Benxi, Yingkou, Liaoyang, Tieling, and Fuxin, and these cities focus is on basic industries and processing, resulting in an urban area of 75,000-sq–km that is known as the “Shenyang Economic Zone”, with 24+ million people.
The State Council has designated this area a “pilot for reforming industrialization” so it expects to have the greatest development potential in China this century and to become an economic powerhouse in Northeast Asia and to be competitive internationally.
The province is also currently focused on moving towards more hi-tech industries and diversifying its formerly state-owned industrial structure.

Business Environment

Shenyang is the largest collecting and distributing center for commodities in the Northeast. In recent years, with the rapid expansion of integral scale of commercial circulation, a brand-new structure for commercial and trade circulation has taken shape in Shenyang. With swift growth of the trade fair and conference industry, hundreds of exhibitions are held in Shenyang every year on the average. It has already established trade relationships with over 190 countries and regions in the world, its products are on sale all over the world.

Major markets/sectors

Five industries in Shenyang account for over half of industrial value-added.
These include auto and auto parts, modern construction, agricultural product processing, chemicals, steel and nonferrous metal.
Over 120 auto & auto-parts manufacturers including: Magna, BMW, GM, Bridgestone, Hino, Lear, Michelin, Mitsubishi, Toyota, ZF Lamforder have invested or partnered in Shenyang.
Total output of 545,000 vehicles in 2014.

Special industrial zones

• Liaoning Xinmin Economic Development Zone
• Shenyang Finance, Commerce ™ Economic Development Zone
• Shengyang Offshore Economic Zone
• Liaoning Faku Economic Development Zone
• Shenyang Daoyi Economic Development Zone
• Shenyang Huishan Economic &Technological Development Zone


Shenyang is the site of the 17th-century Manchu capital Mukden, and the imposing Mukden Palace (Shenyang Imperial Palace) which is a blend of Manchurian and Tibetan architectural styles.
Mausoleums of Qing dynasty emperors can be found at Zhaoling Tomb, amid the pine forests and lakes of Beiling Park, and at Fuling Tomb in the city’s east.
In the northeast, the mountainous Qipanshan Scenic Area is known for its giant chessboard rock formation, ski resorts and the elaborate snow and ice sculptures created during its winter festival.
The Shenyang Xinle Ruins Museum has artifacts and a reconstructed settlement from the Neolithic Xinle civilization. The Liaoning Provincial Museum features ornate Qing-era crockery and ancient calligraphy displays. In the middle of the Hunhe River, Bird Island’s wetlands and ponds are home to a variety of species, including red-crowned cranes.

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